Cladding Installation, Replacement and Repair Service

Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services offer a comprehensive cladding installation, replacement and repair service.

Examples of cladding homes and properties can be found around the globe. It acts as a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, protective layer against the elements.

Use our Cladding Installation service to protect the exterior of your home.

Probably the most obvious benefit to using cladding installation is that it creates a defensive layer against the detrimental effects of our weather. For example heavy rain, strong winds, sharp temperature changes and the effect of the suns UV rays. When exposed to the elements overtime, traditional materials such as brick will disintegrate, wood will rot and paint will peel if not maintained and treated every few years. Also in order to help prevent corrosion to the exterior of your property from the corrosive effects of pollution a protective barrier of cladding will be of benefit.

Mike Carroll Roofing Limited’s cladding installation service can save you money on property maintenance and energy bills whilst increasing “curb appeal”.

It can often be extremely costly to undertake exterior home repairs, prevention is always better than cure and certainly more cost-effective. The hard wearing and durable qualities of cladding and the benefits of minimal maintenance, make cladding, once installed, a cost-effective protection against the elements.

Installing cladding to exterior walls can also add to the insulation of your property. Efficiently retaining heat in the winter and helping to deflect the heat of the sun in the summer can make energy consumption more efficient. With the constant rise of energy prices the installation of cladding can significantly help to reduce your energy bills.

There’s no denying that cladding can be as attractive as it is useful. Whilst being an effective insulator and protector, it can also provide an instant makeover to your property increasing curb appeal and possibly even the value of your home.

Whilst all our installation projects are different, the images below illustrate the basic principals of of a typical cladding installation project.