Conservatory Roof Conversion

Conservatories are like a mini extension on our home. The only problem is that many older conservatories were built before heat deflection and insulation technologies came as part of the package.

Mike Carroll Building and Roofing services have the solution. A conservatory roof conversion replaces the old glass roof with an insulated slate roof that both deflects the heat of the sun in summer and radically improves insulation during the winter whilst giving your old conservatory a bit of a face lift.

Each conservatory roof conversion project is different and we are sure you will agree they make quite a difference to the appearance of your conservatory.

The images below illustrate some of the stages of construction.

Creating a living space that can be used all year round.

Here is the conservatory before we start work.

Stage 1: Preparing the conservatory roof framework.

Stage 2: Fitting the insulation to the underside of the roof.

Stage 3: Adding the framework for the ceiling cladding

Stage 4: Preparing the roof for tiles

Stage 5: The roof starts to take shape once the tiles are fixed

Stage 6: Interior cladding is applied to create the ceiling of the room.

The completed project