As part of this conservatory roof conversion – Aylesbury project, the team began by stripping the old glazed roof and continued to build a timber-framed structure that would accommodate the new roof. As you can see two sections were accurately measured and built, these would later house the new Velux windows that the customer chose.
With the first layer of boarding complete and the framing nearly complete, the roof was then fully insulated and a vapor barrier installed, before a further layer of OSB board was added on top ready for the rubber roof to be installed. With the pitch of the roof falling back toward the house an internal gutter was built that would carry the water to the drain beside the conservatory.

The black-ash fascia board and rubber was then installed, before the holes for the Velux windows were then cut out. This meant that they could now be installed and flashed in making the roof completely weather proof. Work now began on the internal ceiling. The customer decided they would like a white ceiling. This was suggested because of the slightly more restricted light that was now coming into the room because of the solid rubber roof in place, opposed the fully glazed roof previously in place. The idea was that the white would help maximise the light coming into the room, with the customers extremely pleased with the results.

Above are before and after photos of the roof.

Conservatory Roof Conversion – Aylesbury

March 2016 saw us carry out a bespoke Conservatory Roof Conversion – Aylesbury. Our customers, an older couple, used the room when they had grandchildren come over. However after the most recent winter a leak had developed in one corner of the existing glazing, so they took upon this opportunity to change the roofing system rather than simply replacing the glazing.