Completed Conservatory Roof Replacement Project

Here are some images of the conservatory before the project begins.

Preparation for the conservatory roof replacement project

The first task for the team is to prepare the work site, so we lay large tarpaulin sheets to protect the customer patio area and reduce spread of building waste

The team then lay boards to further protect the flooring on the internal structure

The team erect our scaffold towers for safe access. Using our own scaffold towers adds a significant saving when you consider the hire costs of third part scaffold hire.

Starting work on the roof

Now everything is prepared, the next step is to carefully remove the glass panels from the conservatory roof.

Now we can begin to fit the wooden framework that will hold the new conservatory roof.

The team are almost done with the first major building stage of the conservatory roof replacement project with the wooden frame installed.

Here is a roofer’s eye view of the completed timber frame structure.

With timber frame now complete, the roof is then felted with beatable felt, and tanalised battens are fixed ready for tiling. UPVC soffit and Fascia boards can now be accurately measured and fitted.

An EPS (Eve Protection System) is then fitted beneath the felt, but over the fascia, and nailed for fixing.

So here is the conservatory roof replacement project exterior with newly fitted uPvc Fascia and soffit, and timber framework and tanalised roofing bettens ready to receive the roof tiles.

Next Mike Carroll and the team ensure the Brickwork is then accurately chased out and cleaned, in preparation for the lead flashing that will later be needed to weatherproof the new roofline

Preparing the interior of the new conservatory roof

With the exterior of the conservatory now water tight work can commence on the interior. So the team fit an efficient Celotex insulation boards are cut and fitted between each rafter in the roof space.

Tiling can begin against the house with soakers being fitted on every course of tiles to ensuring roof is fully weatherproof

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Making the exterior of the conservatory roof waterproof

Here you can see that the conservatory roof replacement project is progressing nicely. With the soakers being fitted on every course of tiles to ensuring roof is fully weatherproof, tiling can begin in earnest.

The team are now able to fit the new black, uPvc, half round guttering to the fascia boards.

Now that the new roofline is completed on this conservatory roof conversion project, the new light weight, natural slate effect roof tiles and new lead step flashing is fitted.

The exterior of the conservatory roof is almost complete as the team fix the new terracotta half round Hips and Ridge tiles into place with cement.

Here is a roof contractors eye-view – the team lay new half round Terracota concrete hip and ridge tiles, butt jointed with sand and cement.

The next stages of the conservatory roof replacement project - The interior of the conservatory roof

The final stage of this conservatory roof replacement project is to install the uPvc ceiling. We are using tongue and groove effect cladding which gives a homely wooden panel effect without the weight.

Here is another view of the ceiling of the conservatory. The room temperature is easily controlled now that the roof has a layer of tiles, felt, insulation and uPvc cladding. All these layer will help to deflect the heat of the sun during the summer months and help to keep the heat in during those cold winter months.

This image shows the detail of the joining of the conservatory to the property. The combination of the exterior soakers and lead flashing will keep the conservatory waterproofed.

The completed conservatory roof replacement project.

So here is the completed conservatory roof replacement project from the rear. The roof is in keeping with the rest of the property.

Here is a view of the completed conservatory roof replacement project from the garden.

Conservatory Roof Replacement in Stoke Mandeville

The Mike Carroll roofing team undertake a Conservatory Roof Replacement in Stoke Mandeville.

Conservatory Roof Replacements have become more and more popular at the moment and we can fully understand why.

Conservatories are designed to create additional living space to properties. Unfortunately they are often too hot to use in the summer and too cold to use in the winter.

With recent developments in roof tile technologies, composite materials have been developed that have the look of real roofing tiles but carry significantly less weight. Making them an ideal alternative to glass with the additional advantages of heat retention and reflection depending on the season.

This means that after a conservatory roof conversion, our clients have a room that can now be used comfortably all year round.

This page illustrates a typical conservatory roof replacement project.

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