Fascia Project- Bovingdon Green, Chesham

In late summer 2016, we were asked to come to a refurbishment on a property in the Chesham area. With a large garage conversion-taking place on the side of the property and a full refurbishment in the rest of the property, the owner took the opportunity to have all of his soffit, fascia and guttering renewed.

With old brown wooden fascia and black guttering on the main roofline of the old existing house, and the desire to have a new UPVC system on the new building works being constructed, it made sense to take the opportunity to follow the same product all around the property.

Our customer Tony was most pleased with the job and as a result of the works completed were invited to estimate another job on the same road, which we will be looking to carry out later this summer.

LocationBOVINGDON GREEN, CHESHAMServicesFascia | Soffits | Guttering