After removal of the old rotten wooden fascia.

This image shows you the right hand run of the house after the team had removed the old rotten wooden fascia..

Left side of the house prior to installation

This image shows the left hand side of the house prior to installation.

Newly installed UPVC

This is the newly installed UPVC product fully installed by the team

New fascia, soffit & guttering -1

Image 1 – showing the same area of the house with the newly fitted fascia soffit and guttering.

New fascia, soffit & guttering - 2

Image 2 – showing the newly fitted fascia soffit and guttering.

The old cement lifts as the old boards are removed

A common problem as the old fascia boards are removed

replaced fascia board and soffit

The team proceed to replace the fascia board and soffit.

Bespoke one-piece box end fascia

Bespoke one-piece box end for the gable end

With both box end pieces now fitted the gable fascia is fully installed and work on the damaged verge cement can now begin. all old cement and under-cloak is removed carefully and new under-cloak is then fixed to the end rafter of the gable.

This under-cloak is designed to run inline with the roof tiles and take the cement that bonds the tiles to the roof. This image shows you the process of cementing the verge tiles to this undercook working from bottom to top of the gable end.

Newly finished gable end

This is the newly finished gable end, complete with UPVC soffit and fascia, new uncloak and cement verge.

New Fascia Replacement Project – Cheddington

The team recently undertook a new fascia replacement project – Cheddington. The customer wanted a new fascia system fitted to all main roofline of the house, as the old wooden fascia were rotten and they were looking to reduce maintenance required around the house.

This project in particular had some very tight and restricting spaces, limiting access for our own tower scaffolding. Therefore we had to arrange for a scaffolding company to erect something that was safe and would still give us complete access to all the roofline.
A common problem encountered by our team with this type of gable end replacements project is the cement lifting away from the roofline during the process of removal.

The images below show the front of the house, gable end. The team removed the old rotten fascia boards. However, as is common in many gable end replacements, the cement has lifted away from the roofline in the process of removal.

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