Replacement Fascia, Soffits & Guttering

Mike Carroll Roofing Limited’s Replacement Fascia, Soffits & Guttering service will provide long-term protection and improved curb appeal to your home whilst not costing you a small fortune in regular maintenance work.

Mike Carroll Roofing Limited have been offering a fitting and replacement fascia, soffits & guttering service for over 30 years and during that time have built up a reputation for professional workmanship that is of both a high standard and offers exceptional value for money.

We are only too aware of the fact that the British weather can have a detrimental effect on the joists and rafters of your property. Wooden joists and rafters in your roof can be exposed to condensation and damp and will overtime decay.

Whilst traditional methods of protecting your joists and rafters example the use of wooden fascia boards, require more regular maintenance and this can be considerably more costly over time, than the use of UPVC fascia and soffits.

The image above illustrates the three areas referred to as your roof-line.

Some people have capping boards fitted over existing rotting timber fascias rather than having the old timber completely removed and replaced with new UPVC fascias because it’s the cheaper option. However, the rotten timber is still there deteriorating more every year. Eventually, the nails come loose and your old fascias become exposed and unattached.

Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services will always recommend complete roofline replecement – fascia, soffit and guttering. It will save you money in the long run.

Wood fascia or uPVC fascia?
Wood fascia is porous so it will need replacing eventually, regardless of how well it is protected.

UPVC facia, however, will not rot and is impervious to woodworm and other vermin. Nor will UPVC fascia discolour or need repainting. It remains maintenance free for up to 40 years – apart from needing the occasional clean with warm soapy water.

The replacement facias we fit are covered by a Eurocell 20 year guarantee.