Mike Carroll Roofing Limited’s Replacement Fascia, Soffits & Guttering service will provide long-term protection and improved curb appeal to your home whilst not costing you a small fortune in regular maintenance work.

Mike Carroll Roofing Limited have been offering a fitting and replacement fascia, soffits & guttering service for over 30 years and during that time have built up a reputation for professional workmanship that is of both a high standard and offers exceptional value for money.

We are only too aware of the fact that the British weather can have a detrimental effect on the joists and rafters of your property. Wooden joists and rafters in your roof can be exposed to condensation and damp and will overtime decay.

Whilst traditional methods of protecting your joists and rafters example the use of wooden fascia boards, require more regular maintenance and this can be considerably more costly over time, than the use of UPVC fascia and soffits.

The image above illustrates the three areas referred to as your roof-line.

Some people have capping boards fitted over existing rotting timber fascias rather than having the old timber completely removed and replaced with new UPVC fascias because it’s the cheaper option. However, the rotten timber is still there deteriorating more every year. Eventually, the nails come loose and your old fascias become exposed and unattached.

Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services will always recommend complete roofline replecement – fascia, soffit and guttering. It will save you money in the long run.

Wood fascia or uPVC fascia?

Wood fascia is porous so it will need replacing eventually, regardless of how well it is protected.

UPVC facia, however, will not rot and is impervious to woodworm and other vermin. Nor will UPVC fascia discolour or need repainting. It remains maintenance free for up to 40 years – apart from needing the occasional clean with warm soapy water.

The replacement facias we fit are covered by a Eurocell 20 year guarantee.

Professional fascia replacement

“We take pride in every job we do.”

The nails securing your uPVC replacement fascia will be in line, every corner properly cut, and weathered felt reinstated with an eve protection sysyem (EPS). We always use full box ends not pieces like some fascia installers.

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Step 1 - Tower Scaffolding For Safe Access

Mikes team will arrive on site and erect a tower scaffolding system. This allows unrestricted and safe access to all the roofline required for the forthcoming work.

2 - Removal of Gutter

The team will then work to remove the old guttering system that was in place. removing all brackets and other items fixed to the fascia in the process. Removal of the guttering provides easier and clearer access to the fascia board for work.

3 - Removal of Wooden Fascia

The first course of roof tiles are carefully removed temporarily so access behind the fascia board can be made. This allows for controlled removal of fascia.

4 - Removal of damaged felt

Now the fascia is removed, we can clearly see inside the soffit and roofspace. This provides a good chance for inspection of any further damage, such as rot on end of rafter feet. Any rot is removed and replaced with new timber. It is also coming that the bottom of the roof felt is damaged, so this is neatly cut off and removed in preparation for a new UPVC system that will later be installed.

If you want the Asbestos boards removed you will need a Specialist Licensed company and can often cost more than the new fascia replacement. The industries advice is best left alone and not disturbed.

5 - Installation of Soffit and U-Channell

With all the old materials now removed the installation process can begin. Firstly a UPVC U-channel is fitted to the existing asbestos soffit against the line of the wall. This is a cleaner and neater alternative to silicone that some other tradesman may use as it will not discolour and attract dirt over time. once this u-channel is installed a tongue and groove soffit is cut and fitted into this channel as shown.

6 - Preperation and installation of UPVC Fascia

Once the u-channel and soffit stage is complete, the fascia board can be accurately measured to length. The team will measure the rafter feet and transfer this information to the fascia so accurate holes can be piloted to accommodate the poly-top nails that will fix the fascia board to the roof.

7 - Preperation and installation of UPVC guttering

The team can now start work on the guttering system that will be fixed to the newly installed UPVC fascia. Brackets are evenly measured and distributed across the length of the fascia, and a string line is used to establish the correct level and fall so the gutter can drain efficiently.

8 - Installation of Over Fascia Ventilation (If Required)

With the guttering now fixed to the fascia, the visible aspect of the work is nearly complete. Some Roof spaces may require ventilation. This will be discussed prior to installation, but of required we will install and over fascia ventilation system like shown. This is an alternative to the circular vents you may have seen used by other tradesman. Again this is because we believe this product is much more aesthetically pleasing without ventilation discs in your newly fitted UPVC fascia, as again dirt is attracted quickly and spider webs can easily gather in these areas.

9 - Istallation of Eve Protection System

The team is now ready to fit an eve protection system (EPS). This is a product that will replace the damaged felt we earlier removed. It is designed to help collect and carry any water or moisture from the felt down and into the gutter.


If your roof has profiled tiles then bird stop is now installed at this stage. Again this will be discussed prior to installation, however this product simply prevents any unwanted animals from gaining access into your roof space.

Step 11 - Re installation of roof tiles

With all the products now professionally fitted, the roof tiles can now be replaced.

12 - Completed Project

This is how your newly replaced UPVC soffit, fascia and guttering should look after installation.

Different specification of the product can be discussed. Shown in the project is a common Black Round Guttering system, installed on a white soffit on fascia. However different shapes and colours are available.

Here is a before

... and after