Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services provide a complete flat roof repair or replacement service for roofs of any size .

From a small porch roof to a complete double garage roof and just about anything in between.

So, if your flat roof is leaking and needs repairing or replacing, please contact Mike Carroll flat roof specialists for a free, no obligation quotation.

Flat Roof Construction

Generally a flat roof is defined as having a pitch no greater than 15° to the horizontal. Most flat roofs have some degree of angle in order to allow rainwater to drain away.

There are several materials available to apply a waterproof layer to the flat roof construction. Here at Mike Carroll roofing and building services we prefer to use an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubberised sheet.

A typical flat roof construction consists of six basic elements.

  1. A water resistant membrane
  2. Some form of thermal insulation to retain the heat within the building.
  3. A vapour barrier.
  4. A plywood timber deck which allows the roof to support a load.
  5. Wooden joists which are supported by the walls.
  6. Plasterboard ceiling

Typical applications for this type of construction would be Garage Roof, Porch, single storey extensions. Here at Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services we also utilise this construction method for our bespoke summerhouses.


Illustration of "cold roof" construction

Illustration of "cold roof" components

Illustration of "warm roof" construction

Illustration of "warm roof" components

Rubber Flat Roof Systems

For all our Flat Roof Repair or Replacement projects we use the Hertalan rubber roof easy deck system. Their EPDM rubber sheeting is a synthetic rubber made from the refinery by-products ethyl and propylene so it’s both biologically and ecologically safe and comes with a manufacturers 20 year guarantee – although in a SKZ study in March 2001 suggests a 50 year life span for the system.

Hertalan is the ideal material for, flat roof repair or replacement projects as it is an environmentally friendly waterproofing system and it offers far better insulation properties compared to conventional flat roof constructions. It is lightweight and quick to install as the membranes are pre-fabricated to the correct size.

Wherever possible, for all our Flat Roof Repair or Replacement services, we use our own safety tower saving you the cost of hiring scaffolding.

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Stage 1 - Remove existing flat roof coverings

The team remove all existing flat roof coverings and clear from site.

Stage 2 - Vapour barrier and insulation.

This image illustrates the first four layers that need to be prepared in advance of applying the EPDM rubber membrane.

Stage 3 - Installation of edge trims

Edge trims installed

Stage 4 - Flashings to wall abutments

Flashings to wall abutments installed

Completed EPDM Fat Roof Projects

Completed Garage Roof Project

Completed Garage Roof Project – Flat Rubber Roof and Trimmings

Flat Rubber Roof

Flat rubber roof on a Dormer window