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Summerhouses can be used all year round as a free-standing conservatory, playroom, home office, gym, studio, a home for your jacuzzi, or sauna or just a place to relax in comfort and enjoy the summer in your garden.

PVC summerhouse

A timber frame summer house is an easy and economical way to add space and value to your home and being clad in PVC, they are waterproof and virtually maintenance free, unlike timber clad summer houses.

So, whether you want a free-standing conservatory, more living space in your garden or simply want to make the most of your garden and add value to your home, please call contact Mike Carroll Summer Houses for a free, no obligation quotation.

Damp membrane and floor insullation

Once the ground work has been prepared by creating a solid base for your summerhouse (Mike Carroll Roofing and Building Services can undertake this part of the project) either plain concrete, slabs or even decking.

The base is constructed and a waterproof membrane and insulation is installed on the floor.

4x2 timber Frame

Now that the base has been constructed it’s time to erect the wall framework and and then add the roof joists in preparation to add the roof. In this example we used an EPDM flat rubber roof.

UPVC Windows and Doors Breathable Felt Membrane to stud walls

We then install a breathable felt membrane to stud walls and insulate. Add some uPVC windows and a door or doors (depending on your preference).

UPVC Cladding with Hertalan Rubber Roof-Finish

And here is the completed project with uPVC cladding and a Hertalan Rubber Roof-Finish.

All our summer houses are custom designed to your specifications and built to the highest possible standards.